The Complete K9
Detection & Scent Work

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Introduction to Odor Imprint 101

2 Total Course Hours – $235.00

4 completely fun-filled PRIVATE 30-minute lessons over 4 weeks (one class per week) to help get your dog actively pairing odor with a reward and searching it out! All ages and sizes welcome; if your dog loves using their sniffer and has a little drive – this is your entry course to Scent Work or Nose Work Competitions, Bed Bug Detection, and more!

*Includes a 10’ biothane lead, plastic scent cone, and a tin with odor for home practice between classes!

Progressive Detection & Scent Work Classes

2 Total Course Hours/Month – $200.00
4 Total Course Hours/1-2 Months – $375.00

4 or 8 (purchase more and save a little) completely PRIVATE 30-minute lessons over 4 to 8 weeks (one or two classes per week) to work on progressive Scent Work Concepts and Training! While this course is highly customizable to your training goals, course content can include: teaching a passive or active alert, obedience to odor, search skills and detailing a room, distractions and proofing, independent searching, and more!

Jumpstart to Odor Board and Train

1 Week – $1200.00
2 Week – $2300.00
3 Week – $3300.00

Stuck in a rut with your Scent Work training at home and interested in getting some intensive help with your dog’s skills? We can help! Whether your goals are odor pairing and imprint, independent searches, or obedience to odor – we have options for you! During your dog’s stay with our trainer, they will live with the trainer as one of their own family members. This package includes daily updates as well as a 90-minute training session with YOU when they are ready to go home!