The Complete K9
K9 Nutrition Courses

Available Locations(s): Knoxville, TN

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Private Basic Nutrition Classes

4 Course Hours – $450.00

2 private 2-hour classes here in our Sweetwater facility structured to teach you everything you need to know to safely balance your dog’s home cooked diet as well as ONE premium customized recipe for your dog individually! This course includes one 2-hour session of classroom style study, with the second lesson being hands on cooking and portioning practice.

$450.00 includes all 4 hours and the instructor supplying any necessary cooking or portioning equipment for your classroom use.

Private Advanced Nutrition Classes

2 Course Hours – $175.00

Have you finished our Basic Nutrition Course and find yourself hungry for more?

Call us and schedule an Advanced Nutrition Class in an area of nutrition YOU are most interested in! Learn about baking and dehydrating treats, mixing up batches of hypoallergenic treat pockets to hide your dog’s medication, creating organic weight gainer meatballs, or simply get help with creating more personalized meal recipes for your individual dog!

Each private 2 hour class is $175.00.

*Must complete Private Basic Nutrition to enroll in this Advanced Nutrition Course.

Group Nutrition Seminars

6-8 Course Hours – Customizable Course, Price Varies

Invite a few friends, learn how to balance your dog’s home cooked diet, and leave with 1 raw and 1 cooked recipe for YOUR dogs at home! Every seminar will start with our immersive proprietary PowerPoint presentation that includes information relating to safe ingredients, balancing fats, essential amino acids, macro versus micro minerals and MORE! After the PowerPoint though, you will get COOKING with your instructor and learn everything you need to know about safe food handling, weighing and measuring your ingredients, and how to store your meals so your dogs can enjoy them for weeks or months to come!

*Call for pricing