Fallon Houser

Fallon has always believed in “walking what you talk,” and leading by example. She’s a firm believer in education, whether it be for dogs or people, and has always believed there is an answer for most any question should you take the time to find it.

An animal lover from birth, Fallon spent her childhood bringing home strays, training and rehabilitating them, and competing on horseback in 3-Day Events, before later deciding to turn her attention towards animal welfare and rescue as a teenager after spending time volunteering with the local shelter.

That passion is what led her to start the longest-running Doberman Pinscher Rescue in the state of TN, Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus (www.TDR.dog), and attain her MBA degree while running a rescue, working full time, getting married to the love of her life, and having a child. In the 10+ years since founding TDR+, Fallon has personally been hands-on in the rescue of thousands of dogs (and still counting), and has grown the organization from a fledgling group of fosters – to a large 501(c)3 rescue with volunteers and fosters throughout the southeast.

As a business owner and self-admitted dog nerd, Fallon owns and operates multiple dog training locations throughout the southeast, with the newest being The Complete K9, which is located in her hometown of Sweetwater, TN. While she’s extremely passionate about training and has years of professional experience in Obedience, K9 Detection & Scent Work, Aggression & Anxiety Management, and Service Dog Training (including Medical Alert and Bio-Dog Odor Training) – Fallon’s passion lies not only in helping dogs behaviorally, but also through Nutrition, Wellness, and Fitness in order to help each client achieve their goals in the most complete way possible. When not actively working with her trainers and clients, she also competes regularly in Scent Work trials and attends numerous continuing education seminars and classes yearly (because she believes there should never be a point where an instructor stops learning and growing).

Fallon is an AKC Evaluator, Certified Sport Detection Dog Trainer Level 2 through Ford K9, Certified Bio-Dog Trainer (Cancer and Medical Alert Detection) through the In-Situ Foundation, Certified Pet First Aid & CPR Instructor, Pet Nutrition Counselor, and member of the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), DPCA (Doberman Pinscher Club of America), DPCN (Doberman Pinscher Club of Nashville), UDC (United Doberman Club), and the NDTC (Nashville Dog Training Club).

Dennis Thomas

Dennis can’t remember a time growing up where he didn’t have dogs and cats in his family’s household, but his very favorite dog was a Chow named Chinto that he did obedience demos with, and who later saved Dennis’s life when they were both viciously attacked by a very large loose dog that lived nearby. Knowing that Chinto was willing to do whatever it took to keep him safe – from that day forward Dennis knew that he had a mission to return the favor and took in numerous strays over the years, rescuing and rehabilitating them one by one before later finding a new opportunity through the “Inmates and Strays” program in 2016.

As a Corporal with the McMinn County Justice Center, Dennis was responsible for overseeing the “Inmates and Strays” program, which placed shelter dogs from McMinn Regional Humane Society with approved inmates in an effort to help both (dog and inmate alike) build bonds and learn valuable skills necessary for an eventual new life outside of the center. This is also where Dennis met Fallon and knew that God had placed him in a position where he was going to be able to make a career change and follow his calling to work with dogs on a daily professional basis.

Since joining our team of trainers in 2017, Dennis has helped thousands of dogs and their humans communicate better and finds that most issues dogs have are created from simple misunderstandings that are often quickly resolved with quality training. However, for those dogs that require more, Dennis is ardent about working to create the best Aggression and Anxiety Management plans and routines that often allow families a way to finally cope with their dogs psychosomatic issues in the best and healthiest way possible; freeing them from the worry and stress that living with an aggressive dog can create.

No matter the type of dog or training goals though, Dennis is ready to help transform the relationship you have with your dog, and to bring out their absolute best!

Dennis is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R. Puppy, and Trick Dog Evaluator, a Therapy Pets Unlimited Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Eli Cuevas

A natural born dog lover who grew up with rescue dogs, Eli has always had a deep personal understanding of the term “man’s best friend” when it comes to the dogs in his life. Eli shares his home with his two dogs Penny and Gunner (Penny is a 3.5 year old Australian Shepherd and Gunner is a 1 year old German Shepherd) and spends time each day with them looking for new things to learn and explore via hiking through numerous state parks, as well as exercising their body and minds with frisbee sports, agility, and finding new interesting “place” objects to build their confidence!

As a trainer, Eli has helped improve the lives of hundreds of dogs and their humans build a stronger bond through communication and obedience they can rely on; no matter the situation or distractions. While he loves learning something new from each client and their individual, one of his very favorite parts of the job is watching how clients discover balance and harmony in their homes and with their dogs by instituting small changes that make a very BIG impact. Eli believes that dog training should not be rocket science, but that having a well-trained best friend you can rely on via solid consistent training is something that every family should be able to achieve!

Eli is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R. Puppy, and Trick Dog Evaluator and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Quiana McCarroll

Quiana believes that patience and persistence are her key frameworks for success. She works hard at providing fresh perspectives and trying new techniques help teach the dogs and their owners. Quiana is a passionate dog lover stemming all the way from childhood. She spent much of her early life feeding the local strays. As Quiana grew into adulthood, that innate love of dogs turned into a volunteering with local shelters. She prides herself on being fast pace, friendly while maintaining and nurturing professional relationships.

Quiana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, as she wholeheartedly believes in communication and structure. Her ability to maintain a structured and fun environment greatly benefits each dog by providing a safe learning environment. She has fostered a reputation as a key contributor through customer satisfaction and determination to every customer and dog. Quiana’s passion for animals and their owners shine through and provide lasting impacts.

Cayla Withrow

Cayla Withrow and her husband and live in Pinch, WV on a small farm with their chickens, mini pigs, 2 cats & 2 dogs. Cayla is the owner of the West Virginia location and brings with her a solid foundation of canine handling experience, and is an AKC CGC and Therapy Pets Unlimited Evaluator.
Cayla has always had a passion for animals and sought a career with them for many years.  Before working as a professional trainer, she developed her animal knowledge by growing and cultivating a small homestead, and volunteering at local shelters.  Her passion for animals shines best when working with Therapy Dog Development, with her past in working with families in need.
It would be easy to say that meeting countless dogs is the best thing about working as a professional trainer.  However, the clients make her job the most fulfilling. There’s just something special about educating people that are passionate about their dogs and want to see them achieve goals they never thought possible.  The most difficult part of being a trainer is building a bond with a dog over a Board & Train session and having to say goodbye to them when the session is over.
Cayla’s personal goal at The Complete K9 is to concentrate her efforts to see all dogs become quality canine citizens.  She hopes to help everyone enjoy their companionship and have a deep and meaningful bond by educating clients as well as their dogs.  She wants to see ALL her graduates happy and out & about, living there BEST Complete K9 life!

Cayla is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R., & Trick Dog Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Justin Withrow

Justin comes from an extensive first responder background. He is an active member of Pinch Vol Fire Department, senior telecommunicator for Kanawha County 911 and Board of Directors member for WV K9 SAR Team. Justin brings a wealth of knowledge from public safety sector and is actively expanding his knowledge and skill set with his K9 Willow in Mantrailing & Human Remains Detection (HRD).
Justin oversees the day to day operations in West Virginia and manages marketing as well as community outreach programs. You can often find Justin at events throughout the state of WV with his K9 advertising for TCK9, showcasing demonstration dogs talents & abilities.

Brooklyn Binkley

As a kid, Brooklyn grew up with all sorts of animals in her backyard and in her home, where she has cared for them since as far back as she can remember. From an early age, she knew that working with animals was going to be her greatest passion and her greatest adventure.

After working as a Force & Fear Free Animal Trainer and Behaviorist for many years (and then packing in 2 years of community college), Brooklyn made the choice to expand on her skills, and applied, attended, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Vet Animal Science at UC Davis with a specialization in Animal Behavior in 2018. However, while California is a beautiful state to live in, she found herself missing her friends and family – and so she packed up and headed back home to her North Carolina mountain home near Asheville in early 2020 (where we were fortunate enough to meet and recruit Brooklyn to our team of Trainers)!

Brooklyn believes that through understanding animals and why they react in certain ways, their motivations, and learning how to shape their behaviors; we can increase communication and help dogs and their humans live their most Complete life – which is why she has devoted her life to gaining as much knowledge as possible! The well-being of any animal has always been a priority and a great passion of Brooklyn’s and she takes pride in knowing that when clients come to see her, they are going to get the absolute best training possible!

Brooklyn is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R., & Trick Dog Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Courtney Dodson

Courtney has always had a passion for all animals. She grew up sneaking any animal she could find into the house, whether it be big or small! From frogs and turtles, to squirrels and opossums, dogs and cats, even pot belly pigs! As an adult though, Courtney took that passion and ran with it; as she centered her home life as well as her career on caring for animals. Prior to joining us at TCK9, Courtney gained invaluable professional experience working at numerous veterinary hospitals, and spent 5 years working hands on with pets and their parents as a Veterinary Technician. She loves growing her knowledge in anything related to animals and how we can better understand them.
Courtney lives on a small hobby farm and enjoys spending time with all of her pets. She truly treats each dog as if it were her own and loves them unconditionally. Her biggest priority in training dogs is to give them and their owners a life they love together and to help them strengthen their bond through training and complete communication.

Emily Fritz

Emily Fritz is a recent addition to The Complete K9 Team. Emily lives in Hometown, West Virginia with her two dogs Oliver & Carl! Growing up, a dog was always in the the family home. Emily graduated high school in 2018, and wanted to pursue her career in dog training. She is very passionate about dogs. Before becoming a professional dog trainer, she also worked at a doggy day care for 3 years. Where she gained many learning experiences with different breeds of dogs from many sizes. Emily loves growing her knowledge about dogs and how you can train them properly. Her passion for dog training and her love for dogs really shines when she is training her dog, Carl!

Emily is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R., & Trick Dog Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Vincente Vince Torres

Vincente Torres was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. He has always had a love for animals since he was a boy. As a kid he had many pets including dogs, cats, lizards, chickens, fish, turtles, and hamsters. After graduating high school he served four years in the United States Army’s Air Assault Division. There he trained in a quick response unit parachuting out of helicopters. Following his service he continued to pursue his passion for animals in joining the TCK9 Team. Today he has 4 dogs (German Shepherd, Anatolian Pyrenees, Chihuahua, and Pomeranian.)

Vince is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R., & Trick Dog Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Emily Scott

Emily’s love for dogs started before she could even remember. As a child she would read any book about dogs she could get her hands on. She was fascinated at how smart, loving and loyal they were and just wanted to know more. She got her first dog, Lady a Shetland Sheepdog when she was 5 and her passion for training dogs began. When she was in the third grade, they competed in 4-H obedience and agility competitions.

Fast forward to 2019 – Emily moved to Los Angeles, CA and became a personal trainer (fitness is also a passion for Emily) but she still felt like something was missing. So, when the pandemic hit in 2020, Emily made the decision to come back home to Tennessee and make some changes in her life – including getting back into her biggest passion, dogs and changing lives for the better (which is also what led her here to us at The Complete K9).

Today you can usually find Emily working with client dogs, her best friend (a black and tan female Doberman named Stormy), or continuing her education by reading and attending seminars.

Emily is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R., & Trick Dog Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Paola Martinez

Paola has loved dogs her entire life, but that love became a working passion when she added a sweet girl named Molly May to her family, a husky who changed her life and set her on the path to making her dreams of working in the canine career field a reality. After adopting Molly, Paola started her journey into the dog world. She went to work with a grooming facility in Dothan, Al where she learned to take care of all kinds of coats, as well as the importance of patience when working with our furry friends. She then went onto doing volunteer shelter work and pet sitting for family friends, but Paola still had the persistent drive to grow her skills, so she went to work for a German Trainer as a kennel attendant in Enterprise, Al. There she learned about dog packs, the importance of cleanliness for a dog’s environment, and the world of dog trainers (which is where Paola felt the calling to help dogs and their families through training).  After relocating to Birmingham, AL, Paola applied and was accepted into our TCK9 Trainer course where she traveled to Tennessee to learned about positive and balanced training, First Aid & CPR, Service Dog Training, and more! Since then, has been professionally training dogs throughout the greater Birmingham area – including dogs with leash reactivity and aggression issues. To advance her work, she studies with other trainers, attends regular seminars and workshops, and stays up-to-date on the latest canine behavior research to provide proven and innovative advice. She is a member of the Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the AKC and possesses a natural intuition, and ability to look at a dog’s behavior and determine the cause, as well as, the solution. Paola’s primary focus is to educate everyone on the importance of understanding dogs, and helping owners address their individual needs.

Paola is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R., & Trick Dog Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Katelyn Pavlovsky

From a very young age, there were always dogs in Katelyn’s home. She can not remember a time when her clothes weren’t covered in dog hair and her heart wasn’t full of canine love. Some of the most memorable times of her life included her mom bringing in foster animals and being able to help care for them, as well well as forming close bonds with her own four-legged friends. She now shares her home with her husband, 4 dogs, 3 cats, and 3 snakes.

In mid-2021, Katelyn rescued a dog from starvation, neglect, and a serious leg injury. After more than a month of searching for his previous owners, he made himself comfortable in her home and heart. In the beginning, he did great with her other dogs, but suddenly started showing signs of aggression. Rather than rehoming or taking him to a shelter, Katelyn started searching for other options to manage his behaviors. She found TCK9 online and brought her dog in for one-on-one Aggression and Anxiety classes. She saw the benefits of the program – soon her life and her dogs’ lives were changed for the better.

Katelyn spent several years working in pharmacy, and although she enjoyed it, it was not her passion. She loved being able to help people, but often felt stuck in the same day-to-day cycle. She was looking to start a career doing something she could dedicate herself to and be excited about. A job opening was posted by The Complete K9, and the rest is history. Katelyn loves working with new dogs and teaching them how to build confidence and have fun, all while learning obedience and becoming a better, more well-mannered dog. Every dog is different and that is part of what makes this career path so exciting for her. Trying new training tactics and growing her knowledge about dogs and why they do the things they do is what drives her to be better than she was yesterday. She also values working with the dogs’ owners to educate them about how to maintain their dogs’ new lifestyle. Her primary goal is for dog owners to live a happier, more structured life with their canine friends!

Katelyn is an AKC CGC, S.T.A.R., & Trick Dog Evaluator, and is Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR