What Our Customers Are Saying

“The owner is extremely knowledgeable on all matters involving k9s! She is the only trainer I know that might as well have a PHD in doggy sciences.”

“Very knowledgeable about canine nutrition. When my Doberman was losing weight and his coat was thinning they helped me refine his diet and get him back on track.”

“Before the 2 week Board & Train, my Brooks girl was afraid of most everything and very skittish…she needed a ton of confidence!!! She’s pretty smart and picked up on commands pretty quickly; however, the BEST part is the confidence she gained during her training and will continue to build!!! My girl was well taken care of and loved on immensely which made my momma heart at ease…I received daily updates with pictures & videos!!! I would recommend this program to anyone looking for help and to ensure their fur baby lives the happy life they know they are capable of and deserve!!! It’s an investment you won’t regret!!!”

“Fallon is truly remarkable! She treats our dogs like her own family every time she has them for training. We have been so pleased with the level of care, nutrition they receive and her training methods that we chose to send all of our dogs to her! They return to us skilled and shes diligent in ensuring we are trained as well. No question is ever unanswered. We have received a lifetime of support from her with each dog. We are a returning client and will always seek her expertise in training any dog we have!”

“Eli is an amazing trainer. We have a Boerboel Mastiff. He is as strong as a horse and stubborn as a mule. After just one class Bruno was a different dog. He also taught my wife how to handle Bruo. We now have the best behaved dog I have ever owned. We get compliments on his behavior every where we go. If you have a problem dog this is the place for you. Ask for Eli and tell him Bruno sent you.”

“This experience was truly life changing!!! Brooklyn was SO SO SO amazing and she took such good care of my big puppy!!! I had a 10 month old 105 lb Anatolian Shepherd that was a train wreck!! No manners at all. After just a few lessons with Brooklyn, she turned him into a fine young gentleman. I can walk him in public without a leash, have guests at the house without being worried of him jumping on them, and don’t have to worry about him taking off down the street when he sees another dog! If you’re reading this, DO NOT HESITATE. Brooklyn is who you need. The relationship she built with puddin is unbreakable. She turned a crazy, rambunctious, poor mannered puppy into one of the finest dogs ever that I can take anywhere and everywhere and not have to worry about a thing! Best decision I’ve ever made in my life!”

“Brooklyn is an amazing trainer. I have 2 3 year old pits that had gotten a bit unruly. Brooklyn patiently worked with both of my babies and myself. She was able to see what each pup needed and was able to help a ton. The love and compassion she has for dogs is without compare. She is available to me even after my puppies have completed their training and always has great advice when I’m in need.”

“Fantastic experience with Fallon Houser. Our GSD was considered aggressive, so we looked Fallon up and she said she would take him for a 2 WEEK B&D. She took the time to find out his real issues (hip dysplasia, partially blind in one eye). He wasn’t aggressive in the true sense of the word, he was just scared and unsure of himself. She literally saved his life and my sanity.”

“The owner is so helpful and knowledgeable on all things K9! Our trainer, Dennis, worked wonders with our pit bull! I would recommend The Complete Canine to anyone looking for training or nutrition advice!”

“As someone who worked with the owner of complete k9 extensively in the past I can say without a shred of doubt that there is no one more competent, compassionate, or dedicated to helping our four legged family members.”

“After being told multiple times that I should euthanize my coonhound due to her “aggression” I was stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out what to do. I decided to give it one more shot and go see this woman I had seen on Facebook and see what happened… i firmly believe Fallon is the reason my hound is alive today. being able to learn the difference in aggression and reactivity is something that will stick with me for life. My dog wasn’t displaying threatening behavior because she was mean or aggressive – she was reacting in a “fight” mode as opposed to fright or flight. Once I could understand that and understand my dog, she helped give me the tools necessary to work with her to overcome her fears and trust me to protect her instead of the other way around. i could never, ever repay Fallon for what she did for my family, but I will forever tell people about what she did. My dog is 7 years old now and thinking that 6 years ago people thought she should be euthanized blows my mind. The commitment to continuing education and literally everything being done for the betterment of our dogs is 100% the reason I will always recommend The Complete K9.”

Eli is an amazing trainer. We have a Boerboel Mastiff. He is as strong as a horse and stubborn as a mule. After just one class Bruno was a different dog. He also taught my wife how to handle Bruo. We now have the best behaved dog I have ever owned. We get compliments on his behavior every where we go. If you have a problem dog this is the place for you. Ask for Eli and tell him Bruno sent you.

Fallon has done great work with our reactive aggression dog and is always a great resource for nutrition and overall health of our babies.

I loved working with Brooklyn! She trained our 6 month old pitbull mix and she is easily the best trainer me and my partner have ever had the pleasure of working with. We had a sassy pitty on the verge of aggressive behavior that wouldn’t listen to commands, pulled on walks, tore stuff up in the house, etc. After our first session with Brooklyn we could already tell a major difference. She was definitely a life saver! Could not recommend these trainers more!

Had the best experience training with Brooklyn! She mades classes fun, and effective. My dog changed so much after just one class with her, I could never thank her enough.

I spent so many months researching which canine trainer to use for my 10 y/o German Short-haired Pointer (who is a high energy, hot mess) but means well and loves unconditionally. He was enrolled in the aggression/obedience board and train program. He’s been home for 5 days now and is still responding very well to his in-dept training with Eli. He’s easy to leash walk (without him walking me and chasing bugs, his nose knows), responds the first time to come (I don’t have to bribe him with snacks to come to me now), he’s drastically decreased his high pitch attention seeking barking (thank goodness), there are so many things he’s minding and focusing on when guided and directed. The collar is a life saver for him because it makes him focus and respond accordingly so that I can keep him safe and sound while out and about with him. Eli was extremely professional, kind and a true pleasure to work with. He took wonderful care of Sam. I can not thank him enough for everything he taught Sam and myself. Eli is your guy! Again, thank you Complete K9 and Eli for a wonderful experience and much better control of Mr Spastic Sammers. I truly appreciate you all, more than you will ever know. Thank you Eli. I’m very grateful for you ❤

Our trainer Eli was awesome with our Titan! So patient with him and with us during the learning process! Great place to go!

I just got my puppy, Ace back. He is a one year old, German Shepard mix. He has a personality that is very unique. Elijah is the dog trainer that I had and he was amazing. He gave me updates everyday on how Ace is doing. I recommend this training to everyone and the trainer, Elijah.

I sent my dog to the training a few months back, because she was very wild and other trainers said she was untrainable. Eli was my trainer and she came back home a totally different dog and very obedient. Thank you so much Eli. I would recommend him for the two week training.

Service dog Karl was selected and trained as my son’s service dog by the owner of the Complete K9. Karl has impeccable manners and has been welcomed by professors, physicians offices, restaurants and more in and around my son’s university. Karl is very attuned to his handler/dad and has provided invaluable medical alerts and emotional support. He has also become my son’s best buddy and constant companion. People never fail to be impressed by is unobtrusiveness and gentlemanly behavior. Fallon Houser has an incredible talent for working with animals and her staff is top notch. I highly recommend Fallon Hauser and the Complete K9 for your dog’s behavioral and wellness needs.

Our golden, Oakley, struggled with leash pulling, jumping on people, and had a hard time coming back when off the leash. After the two week boarding Oakley came back a completely Good Boy. When can recall him from anywhere, walk him off leash, and can let him around kids without worrying about him knocking them down. Eli gave us daily updates with lots of pictures and videos throughout the two weeks Oakley was gone. So happy we reached out to Eli and the complete K9.