The Complete K9
Aggression & Anxiety Management

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Aggression / Anxiety Management Sessions

6 Lesson Package w/ optional 7th In-Home
Lesson – $950.00

Includes e-collar and 15′ leash

● Includes 7 Basic Obedience Commands and Select Advanced Skills to aid in stabilization and management of aggressive dogs for re-entry into the family unit.
● Helps the family with control of the dog at home and in public.
● 6 Lessons – with the 7th being an optional in-home or public lesson depending on their proximity to the facility.
● Also great for dogs with major anxiety.

Aggression / Anxiety Board & Train

2 Week Program- $3300.00

Includes e-collar and 15′ leash

● Complimentary muzzle conditioning lesson on us.
● Your dog lives with one of our Certified Professional Trainers for 2 weeks, in their home with them, in a super immersive experience that helps your dog learn not ONLY Basic Obedience, but also Coping Skills through distractions and triggers!
● We pick up your dog at your home (as long as you’re within 1 hour of Sweetwater, TN) for the session, and bring them back home for your turnover.
● After completion, you will receive a 2 hr 1-on-1 session to detail everything your dog does, and how to properly handle them.

This package comes with a LIFETIME SUPPORT GUARANTEE! If you ever need help or support, just give us a call & come see us free of charge for the rest of your dog’s life!